Am I eligible to be listed here?
Yes, if you are one of these:

1) Schools: A school is any of these: Academic or non-academic schools, training centers, academies, colleges, programs, educators, individuals offering education that results in CEU, undergrad, graduate degrees, licenses, diplomas, certification or other degrees based in and located in the Twin Cities metro or greater Minnesota.

2) A Venue: Centers, venues, clinics, hospitals, or any health offices offering healing or spiritual services, wellness centers, holistic healing centers, integrative centers, medicine centers, spiritual centers, liberal and inclusive churches, holistic churches, yoga centers, meditation centers, spas, schools, organizations in the Twin Cities metro or greater Minnesota.

3) A Practitioner: Doctor or Physician, MD, DO, DC, ND, DNM, DOM, DCM, PhD Along with: Persons or Businesses.  In addition to: Teacher & Counselor, coach, trainer, educator, consultant, spiritual guidance, minister, mentors, therapists, healers, and any one who has help to offer. In the Twin Cities metro or greater Minnesota.

4) A Group: Groups, clubs, teams, meeting groups, associations, co-ops, support groups, spiritual groups, and other healing-oriented groups in the Twin Cities metro and greater Minnesota.

AND you practice one of the Healing Modalities listed HERE.

Then go ahead and contact Ethan ASAP!