Is this free?
Yes, no charge at all.

Will you post local classes?
Yes, but for now we are trying this out with the other listings to see how much success we can achieve. If this project works then I can add additional features such as class info.

I don’t like the Q/A format
If you wish to answer the (online) interview questions in a paragraph style rather than in a Q/A style simple write (2-6 paragraphs) about yourself/business/etc and answer the question (in any order that you please) within these paragraphs, say less or more, it doesn’t matter. We will accept this format. It will certainly make your Article more uniquely yours!

May I have more than one Modality for my listing?
Absolutely, the system is designed to work with multiple Modalities per listing.\

Can I add a type of practice/modality to the defined Modalities of this site?
Yes, contact me with the modality of your practice and tell me which of the Main Modalities on this site it belongs best to. We wont add new Main Modalities but are happy to add to their description any modality you think should be listed.

Where is HolisticMinnesota.blogspot.com  or HolisticMN.blogspot.com?
This is our sister site which has been retired, it is being shut down.

Why Interview-Style questions and an article-style page?
Because a simple dry listing is boring and almost useless today. Google loves to see “content” and by having you write more, Google will like your page more, and your page will show up when people search on Google.  With the aid of the keywords imbeded everywhere, we ensure to give Google all the things it likes to see in order to improve your online visibility.  Leave the Google-pleasing and website maintenance to us, and simply answer the interview and enjoy the benefits of more online prsense and visibility!

What is an Article exactly? Will my article be unique? Will it read like a Q/A interview?
Very simple, answer the interview questions carefully. When you are ready send the answers. The answers will be used in writing a “unique” Article about you using your answers.  No 2 articles will be similar, every one will be different, some might follow a  Q/A style others might follow a paragraph style. The order of information on each page might also vary. However the contact info and map always go at the bottom.


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