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Today (11/30/2012) we have very exciting news! We’re happy to announce we rank as #1 on Google! Here is the proof:
This is still the case as of early 2013 (when this page was last updated)
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1) Write down your answers to the following Online Interview questions:

  1. What’s your business name? (required)
  2. What’s your name? (required)
    2.1 – Who else works at offering your services? (optional) do you want these mentioned here (yes/no)?
  3. Tell us about what you do and your services. Use at least 2 paragraphs, a maximum of 5 paragraphs (required) 
  4. What makes your services unique? (optional) (from one word to 1 paragraph)
  5. How many years of experience do you have? (optional)
  6. What kind of training, education, certification do you have / or that you offer (if a school/educational service)? (optional)
  7. What is your official website URL? (as many as you like, if you have any)
  8. What’s your email address(es) and phone number? Do you want these listed here (yes/no)?
  9. Are you (the person being interviewed) the business owner or service provider? (required)
  10. Please list all of the therapies and modalities that you utilize. These will be used as key words, tags, and to categorize the services you offer. (required)

You have the choice to answer all the above questions  one at a time as they are listed above in a Q/A format,  or in a paper or article format where you merge all your answers into an article that you write.

2) Send an E-mail:
Email your virtual interview answers, and any photo attached to Ethan using this email address: EZMindBodyHealing  (at)  , or to Ethan’s personal e-mail address if you know it. Feel free to email questions, or call Ethan if you have his phone number. Remember to attach (to your email) one photo either of yourself or your service location (building, sign, etc) or logo (if available).


3) You are done!
Most of the interview answers you provided will be used to write up a simple article or report (unless you wrote your own as explained above), there will be no modifications to your answers. It might be post as a Q/A format or lumped together into paragraphs. If you elect to skip a question no mention of that specific question will show on the Listing article, only questions with answers will be shown. We’ll create a Listing for you here at



Updated: 11/18/2013, 5/11/2015