11/15/2013 - We have decided to shut down the blogspot (sister site) keeping only this website (the one you are on now) as the one and only (and better) resource.

11/30/2012  – Today we have very exciting news!
- Happy to announce we rank (i.e this website ranks as #1 on Google! Here is the proof:

What does this mean for you? More visibility.

11/27/2012 – We have a lot of news today:
- We added images to 3 of the 4 demo pages here to show you a more realistic view of what an Article looks like. We will be adding more “content” to these pages soon
- We have seen our first request that came through this website and are excited to serve more people soon. There is a lot of interest and I had multiple verbal requests, I know of three practitioners currently writing their interview answers. :)
- The FAQ page was updated today
- Even though we’vel aunched the website online, it is currently in “beta” mode, because we continue to tweak and make enhancements, you ocaccionally might find the website down for a minute now and then as we continue to improve this website structure.

11/21/2012 – The website configuration and setup are completed as of today.  Official online launch date is Thanksgiving Day, 11/22/2012 (tomorrow) but you can use the website now.

11/19/2012 – Nearing completing of the setup of this website, and the sister site.

11/25/2011 – Started building the site. Doing category research and planning the layout and function.

11/25/2011- Market research finds favorable demand


10/ish/2011 – The idea was born.